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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Taking Our Voices to Olympia - Cover Page

When we reach out to our government, do we feel heard?
If we have signed a petition or sent an email, likely not.
If we have called and spoken to a person, maybe.
If we have visited the seat of government, yes?
But, what good is it to be heard, if one's gift of thought are not remembered or acted upon?

On Tuesday, March 17th, Karen and I spent the entire day in Olympia and, 
we actually felt pretty well heard. Which, of course, means that 
much work lies ahead...for us...AND FOR YOU.

Imagine a huge ocean filled with people who have thoughts.
 On that ocean, there floats a large cruise ship.
Inside, there are many different levels.
Ranging from large to small.

This is how one can view our society, and in our view...all of those people have a role to play.
Karen and I have taken a trip to the cruise ship. We hung around for a day,
we chatted with folks in a couple of levels, and we departed.
But, we left behind our thought. Ideas. Proposals.

Now, we would like to share with you, the ocean, our thoughts as well.
Because, we are all the source of our society.

Over the next two months, we will share the handouts we offered to those in the seats of government.
We invite your responses, ideas, curiosity & additional comments.

In May, we will revisit the issue of "what shall we do to improve public health in WA state?"
We will call upon our government employees and partake in the conversations
 necessary to seek our ultimate goal: A Proposal That Captures Near Consensus

Sound impossible?
So did flight.
And flying a rocket to the moon.
And landing on Mars.

(we already posted page #1 on March 11th)

We, Karen Crisalli Winter & March Twisdale, believe 
that HB 2009 failed for valid and important reasons.
This packet covers the issues which relate to:

(1) why HB 2009 was inherently flawed, 
(2) why we need to continue the conversation,  
(3) the counter-intuitive ways in which increased freedom can improve public health, and
(4) how the state can improve the effectiveness of its public health messaging by soliciting feedback from the residents of WA state.

Handouts Included:

Handout Title
Informed Consent Benefits Public Health - Here’s How
Current Problems That May Be Reducing Vaccination Levels
Assumptions VS Reality
A letter from a WA state resident
The Philosophical/Personal Exemption Protects Our Right To Vaccinate
Vaccine Exemption Survey
“Safe & Effective”
FDA Press Release
Mumps Vaccine Fraud

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