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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Post #1: Welcome to Vaccines and Beyond

This is a blog where people can feel comfortable sharing ways to protect individual and community health.  This is not a site primarily about vaccines.  Obviously, vaccines are a significant part of the conversation.  However, we also talk about a wide variety of additional tools to improve individual and community health.

Important caveat about what you can expect from this blog.  We are not a "pro" or "anti" vaccine environment.  If you are seeking simple and dogmatic answers, seek them elsewhere.  Aggressive, hostile, or fear-mongering posts will be stopped at the door by the moderators.  Essentially, we reject all extreme positions as harmful to individual and community health.  

The owners of this blog readily agree that vaccines can provide value in both individual and community efforts to manage disease.  However, we also recognize that vaccines can cause damage to certain individuals.  We further hope to illustrate that vaccines, while important, cannot be treated as the sole tool for disease control.  In order to protect ourselves and society, we must use all of our tools effectively.  To focus solely on vaccines weakens our potential for success and can create unnecessary pain and suffering
This is a safe place to come with questions, concerns, and ideas.  This is a safe place to share information.  This is a safe place to ask for help in evaluating information.  Feel free to discuss mainstream ideas, historical information, alternative health modalities, and cutting-edge research.  You may not agree with everything that is posted here.  That's okay.  The moderators don't agree with everything that is posted here either.   Heck, the moderators don't always agree with each other!   But through our initial disagreements, we always find our own views expanded by what the other has to say.  Hopefully, you will also find common ground in surprising places.

Important disclaimer:  Please do not attempt to gain medical advice from this blog.  We are not medical professionals, and many of the people posting will not be medical professionals.  Please consult with a medical professional you trust before applying any information on this site to your own medical care.

Welcome to the conversation.

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Welcome to the conversation. Knowledge changes. People respond best when this truism is kept in mind. In community, March & Karen