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Monday, February 8, 2016

Act Now - Protect Informed Consent (here's how!)

Hello all! 

My most recent article (co-written with Karen Crisalli Winter) has just been published and we’re sharing it here. It serves to illuminate both the thoroughly inaccurate method of tracking vaccine compliance and the very real dangers inherent to any law that denies citizens their right to Informed Consent. Remember, bad laws that end up in the Supreme Court (and are judged unconstitutional) often could have been stopped in the legislature by an active and engaged citizenry. Now is the time to pay attention and speak with your representatives.

State regulatory agencies & some state medical associations share a heavy bias in favor of Government Medical Mandates. The mis-information campaign that has been created through flawed analysis or outright “gerry-mandering” of data is deeply unsettling. And yes, your rights as a patient are under threat.

All of us are called upon to ensure that our legislators receive accurate information should HB 2009 come to a house vote. Legislators are people, like you and me, who have only so many hours in the day. As such, they depend upon us to bring new and important information to their attention. We cannot scold them for poor voting choices, if we do not also step up to raise their awareness. 

How to approach your representative successfully:
Please be respectful and clear in your communication. Choose one issue that matters to you most. OR...if you are fluent on several aspects of this issue, ask your representative (or your Rep’s aide) what is the most important question he/she has? 

Remember to ask, “What is your #1 question about this issue?” 
Do not ask about their #1 concern or fear. 

Why? Because you want your representative to think. That’s right...we’re trying to replace a “belief or assumption” that they have likely formed over the past few years of intense, country-wide propaganda...with independent thought. When they say, “This is my #1 fear,” then we are put into the unenviable position of explaining to them why they are WRONG. How their fear is NOT valid. We are thrust into the role of DENYING their concern. How well does that work in any relationship? 

We want them to solicit our opinion. Seek our advice. Ask us for answers. Because then, we’re giving them what they want and what we want at the same time. Imagine a Representative who says, “Well, let me think...okay, here’s the main question I have about vaccines in WA state. What are we supposed to do about pertussis and immune compromised kids in the schools?” 

Ooooh...doesn’t that just sound NICE? They’ve given you a problem that, if you can solve it, will meet their need. YOU get to be the good guy or gal! 

Your reply might be, “That is a great question! (compliment) Because, honestly, you’re right. (confirmation) We all want Washington to be a safe and healthy place to live. (plant seed) And, what I’d like to share with you today (limit yourself to only one answer) is an NIH/FDA Baboon Study which was released in November of 2013. This well-received and un-contradicted study finally helped the CDC and others within the vaccine medicine scientific community confirm that the upswing of Pertussis cases in the past decade - despite higher vaccine rates for pertussis than ever before in American history - was being caused by a flaw in the vaccine. Not one batch, either. The vaccine, at it’s highest and best, actually serves to ONLY reduce symptoms in those who get sick...making them unaware that they are sick at all. Meanwhile, they are still spreading the bacterium readily to their immuno-compromised friend at school. Clearly, as a tool for reducing the spread of pertussis, a vaccine that has been proven to mask symptoms is insufficient. And the argument for mandating this vaccine (or withholding a child’s education) falls flat. (pause here, in case they want to ask for the link to the study, etc.) 

(Then, on the way out, give them something to vote FOR):

Of course, we all want to use legislation to improve public health when possible, and something that does help improve public health is people staying home when they are sick. So, you could support HB 1356 which supports sick leave for all employees in WA State. (this is an empowered message to leave them with, rather than simply leaving them deflated and believing there’s nothing they can do)

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